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  • 产品名称: Keysight TechnologiesX-Series Signal Analyzers
  • 提供从最高性能实时分析到低成本基本测量等多个选择
  • 使用最广泛的特定应用软件,实现更深层次的故障诊断或执行一键式测量
  • 产品通过售后升级服务可以伴随技术的变化演进,包括频率、带宽、实时、CPU 等
  • 不论您使用哪一款仪器,从研发到生产都能保持 100% 的代码兼容性,可确保在公司内部实现一致性测量

    Make an Inspired Connection

    Engineering is all about connecting ideas and solving problems. This experience drives the X-Series signal analyzers: they are the benchmark for accessible performance that puts you closer to the answer by easily linking cause and effect. Across the full spectrum—from CXA to UXA—you’ll ind the tools you need to design, test and deliver your next breakthrough. Reach for the X-Series and make an inspired connection.

    Deliver better results with a common multi-touch interface

    With the X-Series, you can perform most operations in two steps or less using the streamlined, multi-touch user interface. To ensure measurement integrity and repeatable results, we use the same proven algorithms in every X-Series signal analyzer. To protect your engineering investment, we’ve implemented 100-percent code compatibility across the family, enabling you to leverage test-system software from R&D to design veriication to manufacturing.

    See and understand device performance with measurement applications and software

    Easily meet speciic needs by mixing and matching our analyzers, measurement applications and software. The X-Series applications are proven, ready-to-use measurements that capture measurement expertise and deliver repeatable results. Our industry-leading 89600 VSA software supports more than 75 signal standards and modulation types, helping accelerate your designs and ensuring that you can measure your signal.

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